EDA Specific Resources for Land Pattern Creation

Use this wiki to share footprint creation resources and instructions with other participants.  The wiki is split by EDA group, however, you should be able to see and share resources in other groups as well.


I don't know how much it can help this. I watched the circuitmaker videos I have found on youtube to understand how to make parts for schematics and for the PCB (the land pattern creation).

Unfortunately there are not so many videos as for Altium Designer but, since also Circuitmaker is Altium, I see many things in common and even though it takes time, I learned things for Circuitmaker watching Altium Designer videos.

Another thing. For the land pattern I tried, there are obviously others who made the same land patterns but they were using extruded 3D model and they made the lands too big compared to what it is recommended on the datasheet and considering the nominal dimension of the pin.

So as exercise I made my own complete with a 3D step file. It is easy to find step file online but I can also make them with another 3D software I use.
Maybe we will need a custom 3D part in future, in that case I will make it and share it here for those who might need it.