Resources for Getting Started in Your EDA Software

Introduction:  You've read some abstractions about your EDA program -- now it is time to get some hands-on experience.  If I set it up correctly, this wiki should be specific to the EDA program you chose in the Software Selection activity.  Additionally, I created the EDA Program Chat for you to work through the software together.  This will hopefully keep the Question and Answer Forum from being inundated with small questions.  But if you need to use the Question and Answer Forum, use the Question and Answer Forum.

Goal:  Learn how to use your EDA program.

Over the next two weeks, spend a few hours going over your EDA programs sample files and tutorials.  Gain basic familiarity in each of the four parts of the tool.


  • Schematic and Layout
    • Create a simple schematic in your EDA (<10 parts)
    • Layout a simple board for your EDA
  • Library
    • Make a simple custom pattern using the pattern editor
    • Make a simple component

This wiki is specific to your software team.  Designer, Circuitmaker, Eagle, KiCad, DipTrace, etc... are all separate from one another.  If you find a useful resource, please share it here.  If you'd like to be promoted to manager of the wiki, please contact Mark.

Software Landing Page

Use this wiki to organize resources that allow users to get to know Altium's Circuitmaker tool.

Circuit Maker Official Resources

Udemy Small Course (still need shortcuts and commands)