Week 1 Readme


At this point you should have read:

At this point you should have:

This week


This week, we will:


This week and next week are the last two for you to use free time to familiarize yourself with your EDA tool.  Use the Resources for Getting Started in your EDA Program to work through the example files and lessons provided by your individual tool. 

  • If you find something useful add it to the collaborative wiki.  There is a separate wiki for each EDA, so the information you see will only apply to you. 
  • Pages can be added with the [[name of page]] notation.
  • If you would like to take charge of your group's wiki, let me know and I can escalate your privileges.

Next week we will select the parts we will use in our project.  Then we transfer from "wall of text" instruction to self-directed and interactive activities.  The week following next we will begin making land patterns for our libraries.  The more comfortable you become with your EDA software now, the less painful that lesson will be.


Schematic and Layout

  • Schematic and Layout
    • Create a simple schematic.
    • Create a simple layout.
  • Library
    • Make a simple custom pattern using the pattern editor
    • Make a simple component
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