Week 6 Readme

Now the excitement begins!  This week you will begin creating your schematic in your EDA software.  Dr. Bob released V1 of the schematic in Design Files earlier this week.  If you navigate to "Release 1 Flat Version" you'll see the culmination of all of his hard work!  Thanks Bob!  I spent Friday converting Bob's design to a hierarchical schematic for our KiCad friends.  The schematics are not exactly identical -- there is a README_CHANGES.txt file that you should look at before you begin your design.  The changes are minor, and both BOMs will be accepted by Advanced Assembly.


At this point you should have:

This Week

You will layout your schematic.  You need to decide a few things -- such as how you will attach your LCD to your badge -- the two options include a female 2x20 0.1" SMA receptacle or 2x20 0.1" PTH pattern that you solder at home.  I'm not going to ask Advanced Assembly to put those parts through wave solder due to the potential warpage of the board.



This week and next week are the most exciting weeks of the course!  We will attempt to capture the schematic this week and lay it out next week.  However, if the majority of the class feels we need more time, we can extend this week's activities over two weeks.  


EDA Program

  • Place all parts in your schematic
  • Connect the pins with wires
  • Name your nets, and
  • Define your net classes

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