Week 3 Readme



At this point you should:

This Week

Many participants are juggling responsibilities at work and at home, something I've come to appreciate to a greater extent this past week.  So rather than attempt to squeeze the entire footprint creation lesson into one week as I originally had planned, I will split it over the course of two weeks so we respect the 2-4 hour per week commitment everyone agreed to.  This week we will collect the IDC-compliant footprints for our part library (integrated circuits, crystals, resistors, capacitors, etc...).  Next week we will create the non-IPC compliant footprints (custom battery input, LCD footprint, and any others that cannot be sourced from current libraries.)


This week, we will:


Next week we will:

  • Create non-IPC compliant footprints


EDA Program

Source footprints for the following parts.  Try to use a combination of footprint wizards, online libraries, and copying footprints from other libraries in your EDA program.  Place all footprints into a single, new, footprint library.

  • Integrated Circuits
    • ATMega328P-AU
    • ATSamD11
    • BME280
    • BNO055
    • BSS138LT1G
    • MIC5219
    • MCP79400
    • PRTR5VOU2X,215
  • Discrete Components
  • Off-board connectors
    • Omron_B3FS-1000P switch
    • J101, J501, 502



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