PCB Design Glossary

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Ball Grid Arrays are components that connect to a PCB via a rectangular series of pads and solder-balls.

Ball Grid Array

Bill of Materials

The bill of materials (B.O.M.) is an itemized list of parts and components that will be used in a design.  Each component will have a designator, a part number, supplier, etc....

Each BOM should be saved as a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file with no merged cells, no formulas, or other unusual formatting.  It is a good idea to have alternate part numbers on hand in case they are needed.

Blind Via

A blind via extends from an external layer of a PCB to an internal layer.  They are initially formed as through-holes vias that undergo an additional lamination cycle.

Three Types of Vias

From left-to-right, a through-hole via, a blind via, a buried via.


Circuits can be divided into blocks that have a particular function.  One benefit of this approach is that a functional block can be easily reused in future designs