Week 4 Announcement

Week 4 Announcement

by Mark Hughes -
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Hello everyone!

     I hope everyone is well.  I also hope everyone is enjoying the course!  It's been a busy week -- so I'll keep this short!

This week in our webinar series, we have "Design Tips and Cost Saving Tricks with the Gracia Brothers"  It should have a little bit of something for everyone -- so please sign up here if you are interested!  The next two weeks we will hopefully see Chris Hunrath from Insulectro return with a two-part webinar on flexible PCB material selection.  I'm still hammering out webinars for the end of May, but June 4th will be Bob Hausherr of with information about IPC-7351 and his latest software release (Bob's software can build your part library from manufacturer part numbers).

Week 4 content will become available on Saturday at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time.

Week 4 Readme


At this point you should:

This Week

Last week you found all of the IPC-compliant parts for your land-pattern library.  This week you will create the rest.  You will need a combination of the information available from your EDA program's "Getting Started" and training libraries, and the information in the Custom Land Pattern Creation document.  

A new Forum: Custom Land Pattern Creation will be available for you as well.


This week, we will:


Next week we will:

  • Create schematic symbols and attach them to our land patterns.


EDA Program

Create footprints for the following parts from scratch.

  • Display
  • Battery Input Footprint

Have a great week!  See you in the forums!