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Foxboard bottom PCB

Re: Foxboard bottom PCB

by Mark Hughes -
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All in all Henri, an excellent job!  There is nothing to keep you from ordering your board.  I even took the liberty of panelizing it for you.  Although I'd not use the panel I provided (it's always better to let your fab shop do the panelization), it was a fun exercise.

Just an FYI -- I tried the file on and it's still spinning after five minutes -- might be too much for it.

As for ordering -- you've got 2-layer and 4-layer boards.  4-layer are twice the cost of 2 layer -- so you'll want to group the boards accordingly.  (no need to fabricate a 2 layer design on a 4 layer board).

All in all, a neat design -- I can't wait to see it in physical form.  Do you have a 3D render?

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