Final Design Files

Final Design Files

by Mark Hughes -
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Happy Monday Everyone!

     I hope you are ready to submit your files!  I've pushed the deadline to noon (Pacific Time) Wednesday since I won't be in the office until then.  That gives you one more day to prepare your submission.

     The good news is that Royal Circuits, Advanced Assembly, and Digi-Key will be able to cover the costs associated with fabricating and assembling the boards for all participants, not just the lottery winners.  The caveat is that your board must be manufacturable and that you must live in North America.  While from a financial standpoint, the companies would be happy to cover all costs associated with the course, the reality is that international shipping and customs compliance is too involved.   Individuals who live outside of North America will still have to have their projects manufactured locally or sent in from China.  I'm happy to facilitate a discussion if participants are interested.

Please visit Final Design Files and upload your projects, and we'll begin fabrication!

-- Mark