DFM is Done -- Now For Corrections and Peer Feedback

DFM is Done -- Now For Corrections and Peer Feedback

by Mark Hughes -
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Good morning everyone!  

     I returned the last batch of DFM reports last night.  For those of you that missed one, or all, opportunities, fear not -- Royal does DFMs dozens of times a day.  If there is sufficient interest, I can organize another opportunity for the class.

     This week you should work on fixing any issues that came up in your design.  I forgot about the July 4th holiday -- so let's plan on submitting your files for fabrication by/on end-of-day Tuesday the 7th.  I'll email participants missing file requests Wednesday and we'll hopefully order the boards on Thursday.  You will need to include a Bill-of-Materials for your design.  The barest minimum of information in a BOM follows:

As a reminder, the software just looks for the most critical number in each design.  As long as you stay above the process minimums for the fab-house you plan to use, you'll be fine.  And now that you know what to look for -- take a moment to update your Design Rules.  Remember, even though there are all sorts of features that are checked, you can base most numbers off of the trace/space minimums for your fab-house (be sure to include a margin-for-error).

Trace and Space guidelines

Consider sharing your design files in the forums.  Participants can view Gerber files with online tools such as or free software such as KiCad's GerbView.  Gerbers have been around for a while, so there are plenty of other options out there -- share the ones you like in the forums!

Have a great day everyone!