DFM Reports are in & Another opportunity on Monday

DFM Reports are in & Another opportunity on Monday

by Mark Hughes -
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Happy weekend everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

I just uploaded the last batch of DFM reports -- I hope you find them useful!  Just a quick note -- everyone gets feedback.  Feedback doesn't necessarily mean that there is a problem.  The software looks for the smallest design feature of each type.  You have to compare those numbers with the fabrication shop you are going to use.

As an example, here is a partial report from a user that I've anonymized.  You'll notice in boxes 5 and 6 that the minimum copper to copper and trace to trace spacing is 8 mils.  That's good for most fab houses.

But you'll notice in box 7, the same net clearance is 1.46 mils:  that feature, if important, will disappear entirely from the board during fabricatio.  If it's an important feature to the design, the designers will need to change that.  Also, box 8 shows an annular ring that was measured out to 4.99 mils.  Since Royal's fab limit is 5 mils, it will cause a temporary hold on the design that the designer can then waive -- but it will still slow things down, so it's usually a better practice to slightly bump up the annular ring size in the EDA software, so it doesn't exceed the lower limit..

If you have questions -- please ask them in the forum!

Also -- there is another DFM opportunity on Monday -- please take advantage of it, even if you don't use Royal for your fabrication.  And it's okay to resubmit your design for an additional DFM check!