Week 8 -- Pre Announcement

Week 8 -- Pre Announcement

by Mark Hughes -
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Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you continue to be happy and well.

Layout will begin this week, but it will be delayed a day or two.  Why?  Because our friends at Autodesk have layout videos for us to follow!  I'm very excited, and the videos are complete, but we need to get the Autodesk marketing/communication seal of approval before posting them.

Layout will occur over the course of at least two weeks.

While you wait.

There have been several changes to the BOM due to part availability issues.  Check the Design Files folder for our current best guess at the BOM.  Jesse Robinson has been leading the charge, and we are grateful for his expertise.

In short -- the next curriculum will be released as soon as I'm allowed to post the videos -- and I'll post it no later than Tuesday, even if I have to leave the videos out for now.

Have a great holiday weekend!