Thursday's Webinar, Mafia Pricing, & Schematic Capture Updates

Thursday's Webinar, Mafia Pricing, & Schematic Capture Updates

by Mark Hughes -
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Thursday's webinar -- PCB Stackups and Impedance Control

Back when we started the idea for this course, I wanted to have a webinar-a-week that was pertinent to the course information at hand.  That idea went out the window almost as soon as Work-From-Home hit.  Everyone's schedules went into disarray.  We're still having webinars each week, but the schedule has become fluid to address speaker availability.  Until now!  We have a webinar that is perfectly timed!  And even if it's just one, I'll take it.

Teresa Jensen has been in the industry 35+ years.  She's one of Royal's two dedicated Stackup Engineers.  Her full-time job is PCB Stackup creation and impedance modeling.  So if you get a chance, join us this Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Pacific to learn about Dk, Df, Tg, copper foil and laminate selection.  You can ask questions live!  And as always, I'll be hosting.

Register Here

"Mafia Pricing"

Or at least that's what we call it around the shop.  "We're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse."  You might have heard it as "Mate's Rates", "Friends and Family", etc...  If you, or your company, have a PCB project you'd like to let us make for you, shoot me an email at and I'll tell 'em you're with the course.  The first-time and return-customer pricing is incredibly low for the next two weeks -- if you have something you need made, might as well take advantage of it.

Schematic Capture

If you haven't been following the Schematic Capture Forum this week, or if you are only viewing issues related to your EDA group, you might have missed out on several issues participant Jesse Robinson has identified with the hierarchical schematic.  I'm going to have that file updated by sometime Wednesday -- but without Jesse's hard work, we'd be in a pickle.  

Thanks Jesse!!!