Bill of Materials

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This Bill-of-Materials has a few extra columns that make it useful when creating your design library as well as getting it ready to submit to Advanced Assembly for Parts purchase.

Use the information in the Design Files to finish this database.  The database is organized in EDA groups, so each EDA program will have to create their own entries (Diptrace, Altium, KiCad, Eagle, etc...).  This is something of an odd activity, since Bob has already selected the BOM and we presented it to you.  It is merely illustrative of a process you would have to go through with your own designs on future projects.

Remember that people make mistakes.  Every part in the database needs to be checked and double-checked.

We won't discuss land patterns until next week -- if you cannot readily find that information on the webpage, it's okay to skip it for now.

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Datasheet URL:
Land Pattern: [[Land Pattern]]
Author first name:
Author surname:

Picture: Yageo 0603 Capacitor from Digikey
MPN: CC0603KPX7R7BB104
DPN: 311-1335-1-ND
Description: CAP CER 0.1UF 16V X7R 0603
Datasheet URL: Datasheet Link
WebpageLink: Webpage
Value: 0.1 uF
Package: 0603 (1608 Metric)
Land Pattern Name: CAPC1608x90
Land Pattern Picture:
3D Model (.stl)