What are Footprints and Land Patterns

6. Package Name Resources

Images from SparkFun

Images of various packages and their names from Sparkfun.com

Hard Way HughesThe names of various packages can be found all over the web, but I was unable to find a single comprehensive source (not covered by copyright) in two hours of searching -- let me know if you find one that we can share in the course.  You do not need to sit down and study these patterns and names -- you will pick them up naturally over time as you gain familiarity with the assembly space.

Here are a few additional resources to get you started.  The list is far from comprehensive.


Texas Instruments

Their page http://www.ti.com/support-packaging/packaging-tools/find-packages.html sorts their parts based on the package type.


And their document http://www.ti.com/lit/sl/sszb138a/sszb138a.pdf lets you find the relationship between a package name you are familiar with (e.g. BGA, QFN, SOP) and their proprietary part naming / numbering scheme.  


https://www.nxp.com/packages provides a search page that will locate a datasheet specifically for each package they manufacture.

Analog / Linear

Provides engineering drawings for each package at https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/packaging-quality-symbols-footprints/package-index.html.

3rd Party

  • Ultralibrarian.com provides excellent 2D images along with downloads for the three density levels.