Choose an EDA tool

You will need to choose a software tool to complete the activities in this course.  Altium Designer, Circuitmaker, Autodesk Eagle, KiCad, and Diptrace will be shown as examples in this course.

1. Software Options

1.3. DipTrace

Diptrace Logo

DipTrace is an easy to learn, easy to use EDA tool.  While it does not have all of the features of some of the other EDA tools, it is inexpensive, free for students, and offers a perpetual license.


Diptace Getting Started videos are hosted at

Diptrace is in the midst of a version upgrade.  If you have version 3.x or if you have version 4.0 beta, you should be fine.

One note though -- the freeware version of Diptrace only allows 300 pins.  Our design uses 424 pins.  So you will need to use some version of paid software past 30 days.  Students shouldn't have an issue with this, but it might be an issue for a professional trying to get through the course with as low a cost investment as possible.