Choose an EDA tool

You will need to choose a software tool to complete the activities in this course.  Altium Designer, Circuitmaker, Autodesk Eagle, KiCad, and Diptrace will be shown as examples in this course.

1. Software Options

The course is designed to be software-agnostic.  That means that it should not matter which software program you use for the course.  Examples will be given using a variety of software platforms.

You are welcome to use any tool that you like.  If you are unsure, please create a post in the Question and Answer Forum and we'll try to help you out!

Hard Way Hughes"If you have never used an EDA before, you should play around with a sample file and watch a youtube video or two.  Once you commit to a particular software tool, you likely will not have time to go back and change to another one.  So I encourage you to start exploring as soon as you have access to the course."