Final Design Files

Due: Wednesday, 8 July 2020, 10:00 AM
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Please submit your final design here.  You should include the following:

Gerbers / ODB++ / RS274X (as .zip file)

This compressed file should have the artwork for each layer of your design.  Additionally, it should include the solder-mask, paste-layer, and silkscreen artwork.

NC Drill / Excellon Drill File (.drl format)

Export your plated and non-plated through holes as separate files

Bill of Materials (.txt, .csv, or .xls format)

The bill of materials should include, at a minimum the following columns:

  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Description, Value, Package
  • Reference Designator
  • Quantity
  • Do Not Place orders

Any additional notes or other information should be placed in columns to the right

Bill of Materials

XYRS / Pick and Place (.txt, .csv, or .xls format)

This file shows the Reference Designator, location, rotation, and side that each part will be placed.  Your EDA software will have an option to export this.  You can include additional information such as part number if you like, but the information will be removed by the cad/cam setup software.

RefDes X (center, mils) Y (center, mils) Side Rotate
C101 3906.5 4963.3 Top 270
C102 3908.5 5088.2 Bottom 135
... ... ... ... ...